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FILM REVIEW: Third Star (dir. Hattie Dalton, 2010)

An ultimately beautiful and affecting film, if a bit lacking in places; ultimately, it reduced me to an emotional wreck in quite an impressive way.

I was prepared for this movie to be a downer. It’s about a man dying of cancer, played by one of my new favorite actors (Benedict Cumberbatch!), so I was prepared to be upset by it. And although the script is only intermittently poignant and seems a bit stretched to fill the already-brief runtime, the final impact of this film was absolutely devastating. And that’s not easy to do, either. Having a heavy subject matter isn’t a guarantee of a strong emotional impact; it’s all about the execution, and despite some lackluster scenes, the movie ultimately comes together to be poetically tragic and affecting. And I don’t say that lightly: I can only recommend this movie if you think you’ll be able to take having your heart run over by a steamroller.

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