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FILM REVIEW: Melancholia (dir. Lars Von Trier, 2011)

Beautifully symbolic, though occasionally incoherent; intellectually dense; emotionally affecting.

At a certain point in Melancholia I actually started feeling the strange hot-cold waves that precede anxiety attacks: that sense of your body trying to expand beyond itself and inevitably becoming pressurized and restrained within your actual form. On paper Melancholia reads like a disaster movie, seeing as the Earth is completely obliterated in the first few minutes of the film; but all that is actually a metaphor, as it turns out, for depression and anxiety, although how the metaphor operates is up to individual interpretation. Melancholia can be a trying experience if you don’t really feel like pulling threads of meaning out of the tangled ball of string that this movie is, but there’s something about the concept of Melancholia that taps into humanity’s irrational, persistent fear of the universe at large.

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